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Longboarding is an action sport that has a more surf-like feel to it than skateboarding. It is performed with boards, which are longer and wider than skateboards. In addition, longboards feature larger and softer wheels, which is why they provide better cruising and carving abilities compared to skateboards.

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Generally speaking, longboarding is a great sport for speed and covering distances, but it is also a quick and easy transportation device for everyday use. Many longboarding competitions are all about high speeds when riding downhill. However, longboarding also features more trick-oriented riding styles, so longboarding can be considered a versatile board sport.

The most common style of riding is cruising. This kind of longboarding is relatively easy to learn. It provides a fun, surf-like feeling when commuting or riding on different surfaces. Carving is similar to cruising, but it features deeper turns and more pumping.

Longboard dancing is about performing various boardwalk tricks on your longboard. You can really show off your creativity and artistic side with this riding style. Freestyle longboarding is another riding discipline that allows you to perform different tricks, such as hand spins and jumps, with your board.

Like other board sports, longboarding has many health benefits. It is a good aerobic exercise and a great way to improve your balance. Longboarding is also a fun and beginner-friendly sport that does not need a large investment to get you started.

Longboarding is performed outside and is an excellent method to increase your time spent outdoors in the fresh air. Because the large wheels provide smooth rides even on rougher surfaces, you can ride your longboard in a variety of places - from cities to countryside roads. Longboarding can also reduce stress because it keeps you concentrated and provides enjoyable riding experiences.

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As longboards are designed more ergonomically and longer than regular skateboards, they offer more stability which is valued by beginner skateboarders. Also, one of the basic, yet most essential skills for cruising and skating, in general, is braking - and longboards provide a robust training ground for that.

As longboards are primarily designed for cruising, they are an ideal type of skateboard to learn to balance. While cruising on the longboard, you will be much more focused on the things around you, as well as on how your body balances. By taking away the focus from performing tricks, longboards promote learning to balance, which is excellent for beginners.

Longboards are made to tread longer distances with much more fluidity, maneuverability, and speed than with a regular skateboard. This design choice promotes longboarders to cruise much more. That inherently translates to more kicking on the ground, which will result in improved stamina and general cardiovascular health.

But what if you packed your longboard with you on a daily commute? You can even go as far as starting your daily commute in your vehicle of choice. When you run into a traffic jam, you can park your car at a safe place, and take your longboard for a cruise.

Longboards and longboarding are inherently tied to surfboards and surfing in general. The idea of longboards traces its roots to the passionate Hawaiian surfers of the 1950s, who wanted to take the surfing to the surface, especially when the waves were too small. So, the first longboards were actually surfboards with screwed trucks and wheels. It would take until the 1990s until the longboards became mainstream as we know them today.

Freestyle is the most open-ended of all longboard styles as it accompanies all the previously mentioned styles. So, it is all about creativity and your ability to adapt. The best longboard for freestyle is the one that offers the right balance of stability and speed.

Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to do tricks like ollie and kickflip on the longboard, even if you are getting air from a ramp! Longboards are designed to make you feel like surfing on any kind of surface. If you want to do tricks, a double-kick skateboard may be an ideal choice for you.

The deck style of a longboard play a key role in how stable the board is, how easy it is to foot-brake, and how easy it is to push on flat ground. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the board is off the ground, the higher the center of gravity will be, which translates to less stability and more fatigue while pushing and foot-braking. On the other hand, the lower the board is, the less leverage you have to toss quick carves and the more likely you are to bottom out on tight turns.

Top mount is the most traditional board shape in longboards, and it is also the least expensive. The deck is mounted above the trucks so the center of gravity is higher than on the other board styles. This makes the top mount slightly less stable but more nimble than dropped boards because of increased turn leverage. Top mount boards are the most versatile and can be used for cruising, carving, downhill, freeride and freestyle.

Lower than the lowest bar at limbo, double drop longboards feature both drop through trucks and the drop deck style to get your feet as close to the ground as possible ("double" drop). This is the most stable deck style, but it is also the least common due to its high degree of difficulty to construct, which can also make it the most expensive. This shape is generally only found on dedicated downhill boards.

Kick tails are what you see on both ends of regular skateboards. They allow you to lift one end of the board off the ground to perform tricks or hop curbs, as well as make quick turns. Longboards can have kick tails on just one end (on directional boards) or on both ends (on symmetrical boards). Kick tail longboard shapes are great for cruiser boards for last-second pedestrian dodges and curb hops, and a necessity on many freestyle boards.

Bamboo laminates are also gaining popularity in the longboard world. A sheet of vertically laminated bamboo is wrapped or sandwiched in fiberglass or other composite materials. This typically produces a medium to lightweight board with a soft to medium flex and powerful spring-like characteristics.

Wheels play a huge role in how your longboard preforms because they provide grip between you and the road, which affects speed and cornering ability. There are several different factors that dictate how the wheels will perform. These factors are shape, width and height, durometer and core style. Each factor is discussed below, followed by a chart to show which of the following features are best for each style of riding.

We aren't just a retailer. We ride & approve everything we sell, testing it at the park & on the hill. Only the best longboard skateboard gear makes it onto our shelves, because if we don't like it, we don't stock it.

We're a bunch of skaters in a warehouse, assembling your longboards by hand, making sure you get the best ride under your feet. Yes, we need to pay the rent, but we're in this to spread the stoke of skating as far and wide as we can.

There are many types of longboards you can buy ranging from stiff downhill decks to flexy cruiser longboard, below we will go through the different shapes, so it is important to know which board you need before you want to buy a longboard.

The pintail is a classic shape, back in the day most longboards were pintails, many find it an aesthetic/beautiful shape, but it not the most functional shape. Due to the smaller tail, there is less room for your rear foot, it has an asymmetric shape making it less ideal for cruising as you need to make a turn if you want to go back. Most pintails are top-mounted, resulting in a higher standing platform, this is not desirable because you have to bend your front knee more than when you are lower to the ground, so it will cost more energy to push.

Dancers are the longest boards in the longboard family, they are top-mounted and the board generally covers the wheels, so that when you do a trick there is less chance of you stepping on your wheels. The long platform allows for a lot of walking and rotating on the board (cross-stepping, peter-pan, body varials etc.). The longer board also makes it easier to grab your board when doing a trick like a tiger claw.

Dancing is quite popular in flat countries because that is the ideal surface to practice the tricks, while the dancing originates from longboard surfing, has freestyle its roots in street skating. The combination of the two creates a beautiful blend of gracious and technical trick and routines.

The art of going sideways. Whereas in snowboarding sliding is the first thing you will learn, in longboarding it is something for the more advanced skater. It is advisable to wear proper protection when practicing this (slide gloves, helmet, knee, and elbow pads). Basically there are two types of sliding, hands down, here you reduce the pressure on and the grip of the wheels by putting your hand(s) on the road when initiating the slide. This is generally seen as the easiest way to slide because is it not scary and if you fall you won't fall too hard (in most cases). The other method is stand-up sliding, similar to snowboarding), where you initiate a carve and let the wheels break traction. 041b061a72


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