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Download Goat Simulator 3 APK for PC and Join the Herd

Goat Simulator 3: A Guide for Beginners

Goat Simulator 3 is a third-person sandbox adventure game and the second title of the Goat Simulator series (yes, devs don't care about logic, so they skipped the second one). This time, you will explore a larger world, destroy everything you want, play with your friends, solve mysteries, play minigames, and live an epic journey.

If you are looking for a game that is fun, silly, and unpredictable, then Goat Simulator 3 is the perfect choice for you. In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to play Goat Simulator 3 and make the most out of your goat experience.

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The gameplay of Goat Simulator 3 is simple and intuitive. You can move around with the arrow keys or WASD, jump with the Space Bar, and headbutt with the Left Mouse Button. Your goat's tongue is also a powerful tool. You can use it to lick objects and pick them up, or you can use it to pull yourself towards ledges or other objects. You can even use it to grab and fling enemies.

Additionally, you can use the E key to interact with certain objects, such as doors and levers. You can also use the Q key to activate your goat powers, which vary depending on the type of goat you are playing as. Some goats can shoot lasers from their eyes, while others can transform into giant monsters.

The game does not have a specific goal or objective. You are free to explore the world and cause as much chaos as you want. You can also complete quests that will give you rewards such as experience points, coins, or new items. Quests can range from simple tasks like finding hidden objects to more complex challenges like defeating boss enemies.

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Goat Simulator 3 allows you to play online or locally with your friends. You can invite up to three friends in local or online co-op, create carnage as a team, or compete in minigames and then not be friends anymore.

To play online with your friends, go to Main Menu and select Friends. Select players from your friends list and invite them to the lobby. You can also add friends to join using the system menus depending on the console.

To play locally with your friends, each person playing will need a controller. Turn on the controllers and hold either the square button for Playstation players or the X button for Xbox players. Local players have the option to sign in to an already-created account, although its not necessary.

When playing in multiplayer mode, all progress made on the goat castle will only benefit the host player, meaning online friends will not make progress on their own castle. However, any quests completed will be saved, so players can still be productive toward goals while playing with friends.


Goat Simulator 3 offers a variety of customization options for your goat. You can choose from different skins, outfits, and gear that will change your appearance and abilities.

To customize your goat, go to Main Menu and select Wardrobe. Here you can see all the items that you have unlocked or purchased with coins. You can equip items by clicking on them or dragging them to your goat model.

You can also change your goat type by selecting Goats from the Wardrobe menu. Here you can see all the goats that you have unlocked by completing quests or finding secrets. Each goat has its own unique power that you can activate by pressing Q.

Some of the goats that you can play as are:

Tall Goat: A giraffe that can reach high places</ Exploration

One of the best things about Goat Simulator 3 is the huge and diverse map that you can explore. The game features four different regions: the Farm, the City, the Forest, and the Desert. Each region has its own unique landmarks, characters, secrets, and quests.

You can travel between regions by using the bus stops or the train stations. You can also use vehicles such as cars, bikes, boats, or planes to move around faster. However, be careful not to crash or explode, as that will damage your goat and reduce your health.

As you explore the map, you will find many things to do and see. You can interact with almost anything and anyone in the world. You can destroy buildings, knock over people, steal items, or even make friends with other animals. You can also find hidden collectibles such as golden goat statues, trophies, or hats. Collecting these items will unlock new achievements and rewards.

Moreover, you can discover various mysteries and easter eggs in the map. Some of them are related to popular culture references, such as movies, games, or memes. Others are related to the lore and backstory of the game world. For example, you can find clues about the origin of the goats, the secret of the goat castle, or the identity of the mysterious Goatman.


Goat Simulator 3 also offers a variety of minigames that you can play alone or with your friends. These minigames have different rules and objectives that will test your skills and creativity.

To play a minigame, you need to find its location in the map and activate it by pressing E. Some minigames are easy to find, while others are hidden or require certain conditions to unlock. You can also access all the minigames from the Main Menu by selecting Minigames.

Some of the minigames that you can play are:

  • Goatball: A soccer-like game where you have to score goals by headbutting a ball into a net

  • Goat Kart: A racing game where you have to drive a kart and avoid obstacles and other racers

  • Goat Fight: A fighting game where you have to defeat other goats using your attacks and powers

  • Goat Golf: A golf-like game where you have to hit a ball into a hole using your tongue

  • Goat Simulator: A simulation game where you have to act like a normal goat and avoid getting caught by humans

  • Goat Royale: A battle royale game where you have to survive against other goats and a shrinking map

  • Goat Musical: A musical game where you have to sing along with other goats and perform choreographies


Goat Simulator 3 is a game that does not take itself seriously and neither should you. It is a game that lets you unleash your inner goat and have fun in a crazy and chaotic world. It is a game that offers endless possibilities and surprises for you and your friends.

If you are looking for a game that is fun, silly, and unpredictable, then Goat Simulator 3 is the perfect choice for you. You can download it from the Epic Games Store or from other sources . However, be aware that downloading from unofficial sources may expose your device to viruses or malware.

We hope that this article has helped you get started with Goat Simulator 3 and make the most out of your goat experience. Now go ahead and enjoy being a goat!


Q: How do I save my progress in Goat Simulator 3?

A: The game automatically saves your progress every time you complete a quest, collect an item, or unlock an achievement. You can also manually save your progress by going to Main Menu and selecting Save Game.

Q: How do I change the language in Goat Simulator 3?

A: You can change the language of the game by going to Main Menu and selecting Options. Here you can choose from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, or Swedish.

Q: How do I report bugs or glitches in Goat Simulator 3?

A: The game is full of bugs and glitches on purpose, as they are part of its charm and humor. However, if you encounter any bugs or glitches that prevent you from playing or enjoying the game properly, you can report them by going to Main Menu and selecting Feedback. Here you can fill out a form with your name, email address A: The game is full of bugs and glitches on purpose, as they are part of its charm and humor.


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