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Where Can I Buy Sensa

An option is a financial derivative contract that gives a party the right to buy or sell an underlying at a fixed price by a certain time in the future. The option buyer is the party who holds the right, whereas the option seller is the one who grants it.

where can i buy sensa

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There are two primary exercise styles associated with options. One type of option has European-style exercise, which implies that the option can only be exercised on its expiration day. Expiration may occur on that day in some situations, whereas exercise may occur only after the option has expired in others. In either scenario, this type of option is referred to as a European option. The other style of exercise is American-style exercise. An American option is a type of option that can be exercised on any day up to and including the expiration date.

The writer must either deliver the stock or pay cash if the buyer exercises a call, or pay for the shares or pay cash if the buyer exercises a put. If the writer is unable to do so due to financial constraints, the option holder will suffer a credit loss. The seller is not exposed to credit risk because the option holder paid the full price up front and is not obligated to do anything else. In forward contracts, for example, credit risk is bilateral (the long carries the risk of the short defaulting, and the short bears the risk of the long defaulting), whereas credit risk in options is unilateral. Because only the seller can default, only the buyer is exposed to credit risk (for exchange-listed options, the clearinghouse guarantees payment to the buyer). 041b061a72


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