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Genshin Impact 2D Download: A Unique and Creative Spin on the Open-World Action RPG

Genshin Impact 2D: A Fan-Made Pixel Art Game Inspired by the Popular RPG

If you are a fan of Genshin Impact, the open-world action RPG that took the gaming world by storm in 2020, you might be interested in trying out a fan-made pixel art version of the game. Genshin Impact 2D is a project created by a Chinese developer named hola哈呐, who recreated the world and characters of Genshin Impact in a retro-style 2D RPG. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Genshin Impact 2D, including how to download and play it, what you can do in it, and why you should give it a shot.

What is Genshin Impact 2D?

Genshin Impact 2D is a fan-made game that is inspired by Genshin Impact, but not affiliated with or endorsed by its developer Hoyoverse. It is a pixel art RPG that features an open-world map, a cast of playable characters, an elemental combat system, and a story mode. The game is currently in development and only available in Chinese, but an English version is planned for the future. The game is also free to play and can be played offline on PC and Android devices.

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How to download and play Genshin Impact 2D?

If you want to try out Genshin Impact 2D for yourself, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to hola哈呐's creator page on BiliBili ()

  • Find the latest version of Genshin Impact 2D on his page (as of writing this article, it is version 0.5.0)

  • Click on the link to download the game from Baidu Netdisk ()

  • Enter the password "hana" to access the file

  • Choose whether you want to download the PC or Android version

  • Extract the file using a zip extractor (such as WinRAR or 7-Zip)

  • Run the executable file (for PC) or install the APK file (for Android)

  • Enjoy playing Genshin Impact 2D)

What can you do in Genshin Impact 2D?

Genshin Impact 2D is not just a simple pixel art remake of Genshin Impact. It is a fully-fledged RPG that offers a lot of content and features for you to enjoy. Here are some of the things you can do in Genshin Impact 2D:

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Explore the pixelated world of Teyvat

The game's map is based on the original game's map, but with a pixel art twist. You can explore the seven regions of Teyvat, each with its own unique landscape, culture, and secrets. You can also interact with NPCs, collect items, solve puzzles, and discover hidden chests and quests. The game also has a day and night cycle, as well as weather effects, that affect the environment and gameplay.

Meet and play as your favorite characters

The game features 24 playable characters from Genshin Impact, each with their own pixel art design, voice lines, and animations. You can switch between four characters in your party at any time, and use their elemental skills and bursts to fight enemies and explore the world. You can also level up your characters, equip them with weapons and artifacts, and unlock their constellations and talents.

Fight enemies and bosses with elemental combat

The game's combat system is similar to the original game's combat system, but with some differences. You can use your character's normal attacks, charged attacks, elemental skills, and elemental bursts to deal damage to enemies and trigger elemental reactions. You can also dodge enemy attacks, use environmental objects, and cooperate with other characters to gain an advantage. The game has various enemies and bosses to challenge you, such as hilichurls, slimes, ruin guards, and hypostases.

Why should you try Genshin Impact 2D?

Genshin Impact 2D is not just a fan-made game for fun. It is also a game that has its own merits and drawbacks compared to the original game. Here are some of the reasons why you should or should not try Genshin Impact 2D:

The advantages of Genshin Impact 2D

It's free and offline

One of the best things about Genshin Impact 2D is that it is completely free to play and does not require an internet connection. You can download the game once and play it anytime and anywhere you want. You don't have to worry about spending money on gacha or in-game purchases, or dealing with lag or server issues.

It's nostalgic and creative

Another great thing about Genshin Impact 2D is that it is a nostalgic and creative tribute to the original game and classic RPGs. The game's pixel art style is reminiscent of old-school games like Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger, but with a modern twist. The game also adds some original elements and features that are not present in the original game, such as mini-games, Easter eggs, and references to other games and media.

It's fun and engaging

The last but not least reason why you should try Genshin Impact 2D is that it is simply fun and engaging to play. The game has a lot of content and variety to keep you entertained for hours. You can explore the world at your own pace, fight enemies with different strategies, collect items and resources, upgrade your characters and equipment, complete quests and challenges, and enjoy the story and dialogue. The game also has a sense of humor and charm that will make you smile.

The disadvantages of Genshin Impact 2D

It's unofficial and incomplete

One of the drawbacks of Genshin Impact 2D is that it is an unofficial and incomplete fan-made game. This means that it is not authorized or supported by Hoyoverse or Mihoyo (the developer of Genshin Impact), and it may be subject to legal issues or cease-and-desist orders in the future. It also means that the game is still in development and may have bugs, glitches, errors, or missing features.

It's limited and simplified

Another drawback of Genshin Impact 2D is that it is a limited and simplified version of Genshin Impact. The game does not have all the content or features of the original game, such as co-op mode, cross-play, voice-overs (except for Chinese), character customization, achievements, events, or updates. The game also has lower graphics quality, sound quality, animation quality, and gameplay complexity than the original game. The game may not appeal to players who prefer high-end graphics, sound, animation, and gameplay.

It's different and challenging

The last drawback of Genshin Impact 2D is that it is a different and challenging game than Genshin Impact. The game has a different user interface, control scheme, and gameplay mechanics than the original game. The game also has a higher difficulty level, as enemies are stronger, resources are scarcer, and puzzles are harder. The game may not suit players who are used to the original game's interface, controls, and gameplay.


Genshin Impact 2D is a fan-made pixel art RPG that is inspired by Genshin Impact, but not affiliated with or endorsed by its developer Hoyoverse. It is a free and offline game that can be played on PC and Android devices. It features an open-world map, a cast of playable characters, an elemental combat system, and a story mode. It has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to the original game, and it may or may not appeal to different types of players. If you are curious about Genshin Impact 2D, you can download it from hola哈呐's creator page on BiliBili and try it for yourself. You might be surprised by how much fun you can have with this pixel art masterpiece.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Genshin Impact 2D:

  • Is Genshin Impact 2D safe to download and play?

Yes, Genshin Impact 2D is safe to download and play, as long as you get it from the official source (hola哈呐's creator page on BiliBili). The game does not contain any viruses, malware, or spyware. However, you should always scan any file you download from the internet with an antivirus software before opening it.

  • Is Genshin Impact 2D legal to play?

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