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When Mohg hits 50% health, he applies the last stack of Blood Curse on the player (Unus) and immediately begins draining the player's HP afterwards. From the moment he starts applying the last stack, the player has the freedom to do whatever they want as long as they stay away from Mohg's right side, as that is where he swings his trident. Players are recommended to drink their Wondrous Physick with Purifying Crystal Tear before Mohg starts his transition, so that they do not waste precious time drinking their Physick. During this time, players should look to either buff themselves, use consumables, attack Mohg or apply status effects (e.g. Scarlet Rot) on Mohg while he performs his transition. Once Mohg completes the phase transition, he would have healed approximately 25% of his total health, his trident enhanced with Bloodflame, and wings sprouting out of his back.

Magicka 2 Crack Status

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This is where the maneuverability really comes into play, and why it's so important to reduce his health as much as possible before his second phase is triggered. The big thing here is dodging through his reaching attacks, not away from them, getting one or two hits in, then dodging laterally out of the range of his close range attacks before ultimately retreating. Otherwise the same strategy as the first phase (minus the shackle) applies here. Try and poise break him, and try to mix those two status effects.

There are several combinations that will work for just about anyone looking for a little more survivability in Elden Ring. The Speckled Hardtear combined with the Crimson Crystal Tear can make for a powerful one-off heal that will restore both 50% of a character's HP but also remove all status effects while boosting status resistances - something that can be handy for basically anyone. 041b061a72


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