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Inescop Sipeco Trepa Calzado

Inescop Sipeco Trepa Calzado: A Software Solution for Shoe Design and Production

Inescop Sipeco Trepa Calzado is a set of software tools developed by INESCOP (Instituto Tecnológico de la Industria del Calzado), a Spanish research institute specialized in footwear technology. These tools are designed to help shoe manufacturers with the design, pattern making, scaling and cutting of shoe materials. They can also improve the quality, productivity and cost-efficiency of the shoe production process.

The Main Software Tools

The main software tools included in Inescop Sipeco Trepa Calzado are:


  • ICad3D+: A 3D-2D shoe design software that allows creating virtual models of shoes, flattening them into 2D patterns, scaling them to different sizes, calculating costs and creating technical sheets. It also features realistic colors and textures for shoe parts and accessories, as well as direct communication with virtual reality and augmented reality systems.

  • ICad2D+: A 2D pattern making software that works with the original lines of the trepa (the cardboard template used to trace the shape of the shoe parts). It allows entering the trepa by tablet or scanner, and automatically generates the pieces based on the trepa. It also simplifies the modification process by updating the pieces whenever the trepa is changed.

  • BOL: A similar software to ICad2D+, but specific for leather goods such as bags, wallets and belts. It also works with the original lines of the trepa and generates the pieces automatically.

  • SIPECO-P: A basic pattern making software that works with the original pieces of the trepa and scales them automatically. It allows entering the pieces by scanner or tablet.

Inescop Sipeco Trepa Calzado can be integrated with CAD/CAM cutting machines such as Zünd, which can cut different types of materials with high precision and speed. This way, shoe manufacturers can optimize their production process and reduce waste and errors.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about Inescop Sipeco Trepa Calzado, you can visit their official website or listen to their podcast . You can also check out their collection on OpenSea , where you can buy and sell digital assets related to their software.

Inescop Sipeco Trepa Calzado is not only a software tool, but also a source of innovation and knowledge for the footwear industry. INESCOP, the institute behind the software, conducts research and development projects in various fields related to footwear, such as biomechanics, materials, sustainability, quality control and digital transformation. They also offer training and consulting services to shoe manufacturers and other stakeholders in the footwear sector.


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