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Download do Dolphin Emulator: O emulador de GameCube e Wii mais rápido e estável

How to Download and Use Dolphin Emulator on PC

Do you want to play your favorite GameCube and Wii games on your PC with improved graphics and performance? If so, you might want to try Dolphin, a free and open-source emulator that can run these games in full HD (1080p) with several enhancements. Dolphin is also compatible with all PC controllers, turbo speed, networked multiplayer, and even more.

In this article, I will show you how to download, install, configure, and troubleshoot the Dolphin emulator on your PC. I will also give you some tips and features that will help you enjoy your gaming experience.

download do dolphin emulator

Downloading Dolphin

The first step is to download the latest version of Dolphin from its . You can choose between two types of versions: beta and development.

  • Beta versions are released every month and are more stable than development versions. They are recommended for most users who want a reliable emulation experience.

  • Development versions are released every time a developer makes a change to Dolphin, which can be several times a day. They have the latest features and improvements, but they may also have bugs and glitches. They are recommended for advanced users who want to test new features or report issues.

The Windows beta versions require the .

Installing Dolphin


After downloading the Dolphin ZIP file, you need to extract it into a new folder (preferably named after the version) or replace an existing Dolphin setup. You can use any file archiver program such as to do this.

Once extracted, you can run the Dolphin executable (Dolphin.exe) from the folder. You don't need to install anything else.


Adapter for Wii U, you can configure the buttons and analog sticks of your keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or real GameCube controller. If you choose Emulated Wii Remote, you can configure the buttons and motion controls of your keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or real Wii remote.

  • For Wii games, you can choose between four controller types: Emulated Wii Remote, Real Wii Remote, Hybrid Wii Remote, or None. If you choose Emulated Wii Remote, you can configure the buttons and motion controls of your keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or real Wii remote. If you choose Real Wii Remote, you can connect your real Wii remote to your PC via Bluetooth and use it as a controller. If you choose Hybrid Wii Remote, you can use a combination of a real Wii remote and an emulated nunchuk or classic controller.

Game-specific settings

Sometimes, you may need to change some settings for a specific game to make it run better or fix some issues. You can access the game-specific settings by right-clicking on a game in the game list and selecting Properties. Here you can edit the game INI file, which contains various settings that override the global settings.

You can find some recommended settings for different games on the for more help and advice.

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Troubleshooting Dolphin

Common issues

Sometimes, you may encounter some problems while using Dolphin, such as black screen, sound glitches, controller not working, etc. Here are some possible solutions for some common issues:

  • Black screen: This may be caused by a corrupted or missing game file, an incompatible graphics backend or setting, or a missing DLL file. You can try to verify the integrity of your game file using a tool like , switch to a different graphics backend or reset the graphics settings to default, or install the required DLL files from the official website.

  • Sound glitches: This may be caused by a high CPU load, an incorrect audio backend or setting, or a sync issue. You can try to lower the CPU clock override or disable it entirely, switch to a different audio backend or adjust the audio latency, or enable VSync or audio stretching.

  • Controller not working: This may be caused by a wrong controller type or configuration, a faulty input device or driver, or a Bluetooth connection issue. You can try to select the correct controller type and configure it properly, test your input device on another program or PC, or reconnect your Bluetooth device and pair it again.

Compatibility list

Not all games are compatible with Dolphin. Some games may have minor issues, while others may be unplayable. You can check the compatibility of a game by looking at its rating on the . The ratings are as follows:


5 starsPerfect: The game runs flawlessly with no issues.

4 starsPlayable: The game runs well with minor issues.

3 starsStarts: The game starts and runs but has major issues.

2 starsIntro/Menu: The game shows intro or menu but does not run.

1 starBROKEN: The game does not start at all.

FAQ page

If you have more questions or problems about Dolphin, you can check the , which contains answers to some frequently asked questions. You can also contact the Dolphin team via email, forums, Discord server, or social media for more support.

Tips and Features of Dolphin

Save states and screenshots

Dolphin allows you to save and load your game progress at any point using save states. You can create up to 10 save states per game and manage them from the File menu. You can also take screenshots of your games using the F9 key or from the File menu. The screenshots are saved in PNG format in the Screenshots folder inside the Dolphin folder.

Netplay and online services

Dolphin allows you to play multiplayer games with other users online using netplay. You can host or join a netplay session from the Tools menu. You can also connect to online services such as Wii Shop, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, or custom servers using the network settings in the Config menu. You may need to dump some files from your real Wii console to use these features.

Cheats and mods

Dolphin allows you to enable cheats and use mods for your games. You can enable cheats from the Config menu or from the game properties. You can find cheat codes for various games on the or on other websites.

FIFO player and TAS tools

Dolphin allows you to use some advanced tools for debugging graphics issues and creating tool-assisted speedruns. You can use the FIFO player to record and play back graphics commands from a game. You can access the FIFO player from the Tools menu. You can also use the TAS tools to record and play back inputs from a game. You can access the TAS tools from the Movie menu.


In this article, I have shown you how to download, install, configure, and troubleshoot the Dolphin emulator on your PC. I have also given you some tips and features that will help you enjoy your gaming experience. Dolphin is a powerful and versatile emulator that can run GameCube and Wii games in HD with many enhancements. It is also free and open-source, so you can support its development and contribute to its improvement.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful and informative. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via email. Happy gaming!


  • Q: Is Dolphin legal?

A: Dolphin is legal as long as you own the games that you play on it and do not distribute them. However, downloading games from the internet is illegal and not supported by Dolphin.


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