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Where To Buy Paper Bags

If you are looking for paper bags of both quality and affordable price, you are at the right place. We respond to your needs of almost all types of paper bags with our reusable varieties. We make it possible to offer you eco-friendly bags that can be carried in style.

where to buy paper bags

We pay attention to the quality of the paper bags we offer to our customers. This makes us one of the best-known Paper Bag Manufacturers in the USA. We have successfully ensured the quality. It also helps us gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, our customers prefer us because of our quality assurance policy.

JET PAPER BAGS is a boutique and a privately owned business that manufactures and distributes Premium Quality Kraft Paper Shopping Bags and traditional Brown Paper Bags, sacks, and other specialty paper packaging supplies for food and retail businesses.

Your selection of packaging is important on many levels but most importantly it adds value to your merchandise and gives an experience to your customers. You want every transaction to be special and memorable so people will return to your business again and again. In person interaction ends when you hand the shopper their purchases, therefore presentation is important. Whether you are serving customers in a retail setting, hosting trade show traffic or selling your items at a craft fair or outdoor market you most likely need to provide a custom printed paper bag for your customers.

Paper bags are a wonderful ecological option as they are durable, recyclable and most often American made. As the discussion in many areas continues on waste control and environmental concerns paper bags are seen by many as the responsible choice for our planet. Fortunately, there are many options in paper bags from economical SOS and merchandise bags without handles, to high end Euro Totes that can have every aspect of themselves customized from the ribbon handles to the gusset printing. Whether its Paper Shopping Bags, Euro Totes, Merchandise bags or SOS bags, we have them all in different paper materials, handle styles, coatings, sizes, and colors.

The most commonly used paper bag is the Twisted handle Shopping Bag. These come in a variety sizes, colors and are also available in pre-printed designs to meet your aesthetic or holiday needs. Custom printing on these paper bags is advertising money well spent as shoppers carry them around town.

The smallest size paper bag, a Gem sized bag is 5.5"x3.25"x8.33" and is perfect for fashion jewelry, trinkets and candy purchases. The most popular two sizes in the paper shoppers are the Cub and Vogue size. Most businesses that are customizing their bags chose these two sizes. A Cub sized paper bag at 8"x4.75"x10.5" is perfect for t-shirts, scarves or small glassware. The Vogue sized paper bag is 16x6x13 and is the iconic bag design for clothing stores and fashion related businesses. If you have large items like pillows or outerwear the Jumbo bag 24"x7"x18" is a perfect choice.

As you look for the right sized custom printed paper shopping bag you will notice that there is a rainbow of colors available. We have everything from natural & organic looking brown kraft, clean crisp white as well as a wide range of other colors. Some business owners opt for metallic colors. We even offer pre-printed patterns like western, animal, jungle and much more.

These elegant and sophisticated paper bags were initially used overseas in the fashion districts of Italy and France. American Retail Supply offers a wide variety of Euro Totes including laminated, gloss, matte and customized options that scream high end luxury. One recent addition to this line of packaging is the Purse Tote which is a one-step way to package jewelry or small items. The unique look of the Purse Tote is further elevated by the high-end matching ribbon that closes and essentially wraps the items in one step. Another wonderful option is the Tinted Euro Tote. You will find the thickness of the paper coupled with its soft buttery feel really add to rich look of these paper bags.

Answer: For a second year, the City of Asheville is encouraging the use of brown paper bags for leaf collection. Last season a local vendor confirmed for the City that they are compostable, and therefore using them is a more environmentally sustainable practice.

A: Paper leaf collection bags are available at local home and hardware stores as well as many grocery stores. You can also buy them online. Please be sure to buy bags without plastic liners.

A: Leaves and small twigs only should go in the paper bags. Garden and yard waste such as vines and tree or shrub limbs should go to the curb for brush collection. No grass clippings please.

The single-use carryout bag ban has many requirements and some exceptions. In general, the law prohibits most grocery stores, large retail stores with a pharmacy, and convenience stores that sell food and that hold a Type 20 or Type 21 license issued by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control from providing their customers with bags designed for a single use only, unless the bags are made with recycled paper. Instead, stores must provide customers with reusable grocery bags or with recycled paper bags and must charge at least 10 cents for each bag.

Yes. Examples include bags used by pharmacies for prescriptions, bags without handles used to protect a purchased item from damage or contamination, and bags used to contain unwrapped food items like bulk foods are not banned. In addition, bags without handles that are designed to be placed over articles of clothing on a hanger, such as dry cleaning bags, are not banned by the new law.

Under Section 42283 of the statute, stores may sell compostable plastic bags if they are located in a jurisdiction where the majority of residential households have access to curbside collection for composting and where the local government has voted to allow the sale of compostable bags to consumers. These bags must meet the specifications of the American Society of Testing and Materials International Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics D6400. Additionally, any store may sell compostable plastic bags that meet the requirements set out in section 42281 of the statute for compostable reusable plastic bags. Stores must charge at least 10 cents per compostable bag.

Stores must charge at least 10 cents per bag. They may charge more than that, but they cannot charge less. The fee is to ensure that the cost of providing grocery bags is not subsidized by customers who bring their own bags or otherwise do not require bags.

The stores that sell the bags keep the money and must use it to cover the costs of providing the bags, complying with the bag ban, or encouraging the use of reusable grocery bags through educational materials or an educational campaign.

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration can answer tax-related questions about bags. Its toll-free number is 1-800-400-7115. Additional contact information is available on its website.

Additional requirements apply to reusable grocery bags made out of plastic film. For instance, reusable grocery bags made from plastic film must be made with a minimum of 40 percent postconsumer recycled material must be recyclable, and must be at least 2.25 mils thick. Please see the statute for full requirements.

No. The bag ban statute does not contain a separate requirement for postconsumer recycled material suppliers to certify their recycled plastic feedstock for use in manufacturing reusable grocery bags. However, the proof of certification submitted to CalRecycle by producers of reusable grocery bags made from plastic film must include verification of the required percentage of post-consumer recycled material content (20 percent before January 1, 2020 and 40 percent thereafter), as well as the information specified in Section 42281.5 of the Public Resources Code.

A store or producer of reusable grocery bags that violates the law may be fined $1,000 per day for the first violation, $2,000 per day for the second violation, and $5,000 per day for the third and subsequent violations.

Every store in California that is subject to the statewide single-use-carryout bag ban must comply with its requirements, regardless of where the store is located. If the store is located in a city or county that has its own bag ordinance, however, the store may need to comply with the local requirements as well.

A list of cities and counties that have adopted bag ordinances is available at this page. This page may not contain every local jurisdiction in California with an ordinance that restricts or prohibits the use of certain bags. Further, some of the ordinances listed on this page may be preempted by the statewide ban. You should check with your local city or county authority to verify whether your city or county has its own bag ban ordinance that is in effect.

Looking for where to buy City approved compostable bags for your yard waste? See the searchable map below. For information on backyard composting or grass-cycling instead of using compostable bags for collection click here.

The City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department requires the use of approved compostable bags for weekly yard waste collection of grass trimming and leaves. The compostable bags enable the City to divert the valuable organic material away from the landfill and into a composting operation. Composting reduces the amount of waste landfilled, reduces green house gas emissions and produces valuable organic matter and nutrients for gardens, landscapes and yards. Residents help the City divert between 10,000 and 15,000 tons of yard waste each year. To participate in the yard waste collection program place your grass clippings and leaves in a City approved compostable bag on your curb on your regular garbage day. The City utilizes compostable bags that are translucent to ensure the material collected is clean yard waste and not regular trash. 041b061a72


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