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Harpoon 41 Rules

Devices for propelling harpoons or fishing spears with pneumatic pressure, wherein at least part of the shaft of the harpoon is held in the barrel of the compressed gas gun and guided inside the barrel when discharged by the expanding compressed gas.

Harpoon 41 Rules

11. Three vectors are added following the rules of vector addition. A fourth vector is drawn from the tail of the first vector to the head of the last vector. This fourth vector is referred to as ____.

Harpoon 4, by Larry Bond and Chris Carlson, handles all aspects of maritime combat: surface, sub-surface, and air. Harpoon 4 is a system of detailed but comprehensible rules covering the many facets of modern naval actions. Consistent rating systems and evaluations of the capabilities of modern naval vessels, aircraft, submarines, and helicopters make it possible to achieve realistic results when simulating known situations, by extension Harpoon 4 also achieves realistic results with hypothetical scenarios.

Persian Incursion explores the consequences of an Israeli campaign against Iran, modeling political, military and intelligence actions by both sides. It combines rules adapted from the award-winning Harpoon tactical game with a card-based diplomatic/political component. Players spend Political, Intelligence and Military Points to influence allies or enemies, purchase reinforcements, execute military strikes, or shape their own domestic opinion. Players choose variable starting conditions that shape scenarios, while random strategic events influence play in unexpected ways.

Question: Pacific halibut have become a sought-after sport fish out of Eureka and Trinidad. I have a question about landing large Pacific halibut, particularly in a relatively small boat. Many people use a type of harpoon with a head that comes off and is tethered to the boat. This prevents the fish from heading down while a rope is run through its gills for hauling it aboard. I was told that harpooning them this way was possibly illegal under rules governing harpooning fish. In this case the fish was caught with normal hook and line. The harpoon is used only to land the fish safely, similar to a gaff but more secure. Is this legal? Are there better methods? I have heard many tales of big halibut doing serious damage to fishermen if they are brought aboard too early and without steps taken to control them. All ideas are welcome. (Tom P., Eureka) 350c69d7ab


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