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Carter King

Watch Kns2--8

She drew some water from a jug on the dirt floor and poured it into an iron kettle, leaving it on the stand over the hibachi. The two of them sat still, silently watching steam rise from the kettle's spout.

Watch kns2--8

"You don't need to worry." Shizuru pointed his chin over at Hideomi. Their father sat stock still, watching the stage. It didn't seem like he'd be paying them any attention. And on stage... the Miko danced, holding a gohei aloft.

Yuzuru wondered what was so special about all of this. It hardly seemed any different than when Saya performed as the Miko. The only thing that was different was the way Hideomi and Yoshimitsu watched the performance. They were usually very severe, but today something was clearly different about them. 041b061a72


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