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Lection Basadi House Remix Mp3 17

Lection Basadi House Remix Mp3 17

Lection is a South African hip-hop artist who rose to fame with his hit single "Basadi" in 2012. The song, which means "women" in Setswana, is a catchy and upbeat track that celebrates the beauty and strength of African women. The song was produced by DJ Guru and featured on Lection's debut album "The Motswako Tape".

In 2023, Lection released a house remix of "Basadi" as part of his 10th anniversary celebration. The remix, which was also produced by DJ Guru, features a faster tempo, a groovy bassline, and some electronic elements. The remix is available as a free mp3 download on SoundCloud. The remix has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike, who praised Lection for reinventing his classic song and bringing it to a new audience.


The remix also has an official music video, which was uploaded on YouTube. The video, which was directed by Redtape Films, shows Lection performing the song in various locations, such as a club, a rooftop, and a street. The video also features cameo appearances by other South African hip-hop artists, such as HHP, Fifi Cooper, and Khuli Chana. The video has over 1.3 million views and 1.2 thousand likes as of September 2023.

Lection Basadi House Remix Mp3 17 is one of the most popular songs in South Africa in 2023. It showcases Lection's versatility and creativity as an artist, as well as his respect and appreciation for the women in his life and culture. The song is a perfect example of how hip-hop and house music can blend together to create a unique and enjoyable sound.


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