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Landscaping Design and Maintenance

Basic Landscaping
Lawncare Maintenance
Lawncare Services
Basic Lawn Up Keep

Your basic lawn care; weekly or bi-weekly mowing; weed eating; blowing and the occasional edging.

For all of your residential and commercial landscaping, trust our expert team at Comprehensive Property Maintenance LLC. From weed-eating, to mulch blowing, to landscape edging and everything in between.   Our crew is your all in one company for everything landscaping.  We can maintain your yard and garden weekly or bi-weekly, or completely tailor our services to your schedule. 


Contact us today to set up your next landscaping services.

(ask about our subscription & referral discounts)

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

From Garden Beds to Hardscaping

The more exquisite: decorative flower beds; retaining walls, water landscaping.
Flower Bed
Flower Beds Weeding
Garden Block Wall
From concept to completion, our team can execute all styles of landscaping, perfectly fitting all of your needs and lifestyle.  Whether you’ve always wanted a colorful blooming garden, or simply need your trees or bushes trimmed; our team can do it all.
Garden Mulch
Water Features
Flower & Plant Garden
Sidewalks & Curb Appeal
Windmill Garden

Retaining walls; gardens (water or rock garden), patio or walkways;

from buildng, maintaining or just freshened up for the upcoming season, our team strives to always provide you with a quality landscaping service at an affordable rate.


Contact our team now to learn more about all of our landscaping services.

(ask about our subscription & referral discounts)

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Fall & Spring Clean Up

Fall & Spring Clean-Ups

Spring Clean-Ups

Spring cleaning always leaves you feeling good, but leaving the cleaning to the professionals feels even better. So let our lawn care experts and landscaping professionals stop by and transform your yard to be Spring ready.

Contact us today to learn all the details about our Spring Clean Up.

(ask about our subscription & referral discounts)

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Spring Cleanup
Spring & Fall Clean Up
Spring Clean Up Weeds

Our Spring Clean Up Includes, but is not limited to:

• Removing winter debris
• Plant flowers
• Spread mulch
• Fertilizing
• Aerating your lawn
• and Much More!

Fall Clean-Ups

The fall season can often be the messiest for your yard and garden. With trees and shrubbery shedding their leaves for the upcoming cold, your property can quickly become blanketed by unsightly yard debris. Let our team come out and tidy everything up while maintaining all greenery properly before the colder temperatures set in.


Contact us today to learn all the details about our Fall clean up.

(ask about our subscription & referral discounts)

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Fall Clean Up
Fall Leaf Removal
Fall Yard Maintenance

Our Fall Clean Up Includes, but is not limited to:

• Freshen up your yard
• Leaf Clean-up (mulch or removal)
• Fertilizing
• Shrub and bush trimming
• Pruning and trimming
• and Much More!

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Plumbing Repairs and More

Hot Water Tank Replacement
Snake Clog Drains
Minor Plumbing Repairs

For all of your plumbing needs, trust our experts at Comprehensive Property Maintenance LLC.  We have years of experience in dealing with all sorts of plumbing, clogged drains or hot water tank disasters.  If you have water damage from an appliance, pipe break or a previous storm, our team can come out with professional level equipment for water extraction and proven repair methods and fix up your problem in a prompt and safe manner.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your plumbing needs.

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Interior and Exterior Services

Door Replacement
Mudroom Bathroom Tile Install
Flooring Replacement
Tile Install
Siding Maintenance

Our house maintenance and repair services have grown in popularity over the years, with locals seeing how our quality services like interior/exterior painting, mold and mildew treatments, sliding glass door repair/replacements, and much more we pride ourselves on being dependable and affordable.


Contact our team now with any and all questions regarding our property maintenance. 

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Gutters * Decks & Railing * Fence

Gutters, Decks, Railing, Fence
Railing Install
Gutter Cleaning
Railing Maintenance & Painting
Deck Repair, Maintenance, Staining or Painting
Minor Gutter Repair

From railing and deck repairs to entire installs we have you covered.  Gutter cleaning and repair as well.  Water damage & prevention; keep the water flowing outside your home; when your gutters are cleaned.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your deck, railing, and gutter needs.

(ask us about our gutter cleaning subscription & referral discount)

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Fence & Gates

Fence Install
Fence Maintenance
Fence Repair

From fence & gate repair to entire fence or gate install, we have you covered.

Contact us today to regarding your fence and gate needs.

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Evictions * Make Ready * Turn Key

Eviction, Make Ready, Turn Key
Eviction Clean Up
Make Ready Maintenance
Turn Key Cleaning
Minor Plumbing Repairs
Minor Plumbing Repairs Cont

From the Eviction to the Make ready (Turn Key) for the the next tenant or buyer, we have you covered.  Tile work, painting, replacing locks, doors, electrical covers to a complete cleaning including carpets are just some of the tasks we can handle to get that property back in tiptop shape.

Contact our team to learn how we can help with your evictions, house clean-outs, make ready or turn key.

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Professional Cleaning for Business & Home

Professional Cleaning
Professional Cleaning Residential
Professional Cleaning Residential Cont

No Job Too Big or Small

Professional Cleaning Commercial Cont
Professional Cleaning Commercial

It is vital to have a clean and sanitized business these days.  From inside, our team can clean every part of your business so it looks like perfection.  Completely sanitizing while deep cleaning every surface is what our team strives to do; every job - no matter if it's a restaurant, office, or shop property.

Our eco-friendly cleaning products help the environment while helping your business stay tidy and completely disinfected.  We can steam your floors to ensure that starting from ground up, your business will be completely dirt, germ and grime free.

Home/Residential: Are you moving and need your house cleaned for your management company?  Are you a management company looking for professional cleaning between tenants?  Are you selling a house and want it to be cleaned for upcoming prospects?

Contact our team to learn more about our professional cleaning process and how it can be tailored just for you.

One time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even quarterly.

(ask about our subscription & referral discounts)

Servicing Independence, MO. and the encompassing cities.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning (Shampoo)
Upholstery cleaning
Carpet shampooing

Quality Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Our company's success is due to our customers' constant satisfaction.  In our standard carpet services, eco-friendly products are utilized, which help keep your carpets spotless while not using any hard chemicals that could be damaging to your carpets; unsafe for your family, pets, and the environment. 

From gum removal and for the most resistant stain removal, a strong chemical compound is used to get just about anything and everything out of everyday fiber.  Despite this mix being more intense than our eco-friendly cleaning materials, we ensure that your carpets still remain safe for use after our service is done.

Our professional grade equipment helps us execute flawless rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and everything in between.  So, if you're ready to revive your carpets and extend your carpets life.


Contact us now and schedule your next carpet cleaning service with us.

One time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even quarterly.

(ask about our subscription & referral discounts)

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Power Washing * Soft Wash * Trash Bin Washing


Benefits from soft * powerwashing:

Regular powerwashing (or soft) prevents damage that can be costly.  Boost curb appeal, all while increasing the value of your property.  Dirt & grime are notorious for carrying disease & tend to be slick, thus preventing injuries.

Power-washing Decks
Power-washing Sidewalks, Dumpster Pads & more
Power-washing siding & fences

Did you know your dirty trash can may make you sick?

Power-washing Trash Bins Before
Power-washing Trash Bins After

When trash bins are not properly maintained (cleaned), they pose a health risk to your & your family every day.  An average kitchen trash bin could have over 400 bacteria per square inch, such as E-coli, salmonella, listeria, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis & many other major illnesses. Those bacteria’s & rotting food causes another issue (pests) such as flies, maggots, rats, racoons & other pests that you are inviting to your home & space.


Maintaining (cleaning) your bins regularly not only avoid odors, eliminates unhealthy germs & bacteria’s, bugs & pests (animals) it also keeps them looking nice (curb appeal) & your family & pets healthy.  Its suggested to clean your bins monthly.

We provide a ONE TIME * MONTHLY * QUARTERLY Cleaning.

Power-washing One Time Price


$25 (1 Bin)

any additional bin $15 per bin

Power-washing Subscription

(ask us about our referral discounts)

Servicing Independence, MO. & encompassing cities.


$10 per month per bin (when on subscription) (winter weather permitting)

Power-washing Subscription Discounts


$30 per bin

(when on subscription)

(add bins -

$5 per additional bin)

Click "Get It" to Purchase a Plan


Firewood Bundles
Firewood Bulk

Are you needing firewood?

If you're ready for a romantic fire, or a bonfire with friends and family; our team has the firewood perfect for all situations.

Our quality firewood is the same wood we use to heat our shop, office, and personal homes - so, you know you're getting the best!

Available in bundles, truck bed loads, and any customizable amounts (1/2 cord, full cord etc.)


Contact us now and schedule your next firewood pickup or delivery.

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Winter Services

Winter Services
Snow Plowing
Snow Removal

Snow Plowing and More

Servicing residential and commercial properties.  From a simple driveway to commercial parking lots, we have you covered.  Services provided from shoveling, plowing to treating, our team knows how to get rid of the snow you don't want.

Our residential winter services are perfect for those who want to stay warm and safe, sit back, and relax in front of the fire while our team comes out and gets rid of the snow you need gone.

Our commercial snow services allow any business to continue dealing with the daily activities of running a company, without any stress or hassle of the snow.

So if you're ready to take a break and let the professionals clear all your snow away, contact our team and schedule an appointment with us for the upcoming snow season.

(ask about our season discounts)

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor
Rustic Weddding Decor
Rustic Wedding Decor Table Topper
Rustic Wedding Decor Self

Country Wedding Decor

Wood Slabs or disks any size or thickness;  Cake or cupcake stands;  Guest signature slabs;  Table numbers; or centerpieces.

If you have an idea, we may be able to help you make it a reality!

Contact us today to see how our team can help make your special day perfect!

Servicing Independence, MO. and encompassing cities.

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